Beliefs & Values

St. Joseph's Catholic School integrates the gospel values Jesus taught with British Columbia Ministry of Education's curricular outcomes in all subjects. Opportunities for faith formation and development involve all students at all age levels, and academic excellence is fostered across the grades. We are committed to the development of the unique gifts of each child in co-operation with parents and the local faith community by providing education which caters to the needs of the whole child: spiritual, physical, intellectual, cultural, emotional, and social.

Developing Leadership & Self-Confidence

St. Joseph's believes in an educational setting free of fashion pressures or competition by adopting a school uniform that levels the dress expectations for all students. Leadership opportunities are provided informally at every grade, and formally for the intermediate grades by way of assigned extra-curricular duties and involvement in our Leadership Teams.

Outreach projects and community involvement are encouraged through Religion classes, seasonal drives, and specific causes. Co-curricular and extra-curricular athletics allows students learn and develop positive attitudes and sportsmanship, and to compete with other local schools teams. Choral Music and the Band program round out the learning program, with a Primary Choir, an Intermediate Choir, and Band for grades six and seven.