Faith Development

St. Joseph's is a Catholic school where Christ is at the center of all we do. The school follows the Liturgical calendar, celebrating the major feast days in the year, as well as celebrating the Eucharist once a month. Parents have the first responsibility for the education and Christian formation of their children, and the school exists to compliment this responsibility, not replace it. The school itself is called to be a faith community and precisely as such teaches Christian habits of mind, heart, and work. It hands on Catholic faith and values by word and example.

All students participate in the Religious Education Program through Religion classes, however, religious education is also integrated into all aspects of curriculum in the same way that the English language is integrated and reinforced across curricula. The Religion curriculum is based on the program "Born in the Spirit". The content of the program at every level involves promoting knowledge of the Catholic faith, the profession of faith, liturgical education, sacramental life, and morality.

Students participate in a variety of out-reach and service programs, from collecting articles of clothing for the poor, seasonal food drives, support of Haitian orphanages, Jump-Rope-for-Hearts, to supporting specific causes such as Cops For Cancer, Tour De Rock, etc. Through service to the wider community, religious education seeks to enable student's faith to become living, conscious and active, integrated into the very core of their being.

The school supports the sacramental program sponsored by St. Joseph the Worker Parish, as all sacramental programs are the responsibility of the parish. Parent involvement in sacramental preparation for First Communion, Reconciliation, and Confirmation is vital in imparting the spiritual significance of these milestones in Catholic formation.