Financial Assistance

Click here to download the Financial Assistance Application Form.

The financial resources of this school are very limited. Except for the government grant, which represents about 40% to 50% of the school’s expenditures, the school’s income is based on tuition fees paid by the parents and some very limited donations by generous individuals.

Following Christian values and teachings, we try to assist those who cannot afford to pay the regular school fees. As funds for financial assistance are always limited, we ask all applicants to consider all other forms of assistance. For example: assistance from grandparents and/or other relatives if at all possible. Only as a last resort should parents seek the school’s financial assistance.

Applications for financial assistance should be submitted by February 21st for the following September to your school principal. To be considered, applicants must provide all information requested on the application form. All applications are CONFIDENTIAL and will be seen only by the Financial Assistance Committee.

As funds available for assistance may vary from year to year, it is expected that applicants will apply each year that their child(ren) is in the school. The availability of funds will dictate the amount of assistance awarded for each child. It is the intention of the Financial Assistance Committee to assist the greatest number of students possible, therefore the financial assistance given may not be for the full amount requested on the application. Although it is ideal that all applications be received by the deadline, we understand that a family’s financial situation may change at any time throughout the year. Applications may still be considered after the deadline should this occur.

Upon improvement of the applicant’s financial situation, he or she is expected to notify the Financial Assistance Committee. Failure to do so will result in the Committee rescinding any payment of the financial assistance.

Consideration for granting financial assistance will include all financial information submitted in the application form.