Local School Council

The Catholic Independent Schools of the Diocese of Victoria are committed to Catholic education founded on gospel-centered values and teachings and tradition of the Catholic Church.

The Local School Council is an elected body whose members are elected to participate in decision-making in designated areas of responsibility. The Local School Council (LSC) is involved with planning, policy formulation and enactment, finances, selection and appointment of school staff, public relations and marketing, and evaluation of goals and plans. Elected members can serve for a maximum of two three year terms for a total of six years. Following a one year hiatus, a person may run again for Local School Council. Nominees must be Catholic and a participating member of a local parish or a parent or guardian of a child enrolled in the school, and must be 19 years of age. Employees and immediate family members of an employee are not eligible to run for Local School Council.

Local School Council members for 2016/2017 School Year are:

  • Principal: Simon Dicastri
  • Pastor: Father Alfredo Monacelli
  • Chairperson: Aidan Kelly
  • Finance: Barb Webster
  • Secretary & Marketing: Carolyn Russell
  • Unifroms & Marketing: Paula Henchion
  • TBD: Kim Downie
  • TBD: Pam Corpus

Local School Council - Minutes