Mission Statement

St. Joseph's Catholic School is committed to embracing and promoting the school's mission and living the gospel values Jesus taught. We will strive to lead with gentle strength while respecting ourselves, each other, the environment, and the core values which are at the heart of our school community. In school activities, we will encourage and work to create student and community enthusiasm and spirit. We will act in a collaborative manner, fostering an even greater sense of unity, and provide opportunities to bring our community together. In all do and learn, we will have fun, remain humble, and honour the St. Joseph's CARE Code.

Core Values

The core values of the St. Joseph’s Elementary School include:

  • Respect – We will respect ourselves, each other and the Christian values and virtues on which our Catholic school is founded.
  • Honesty - We believe in honesty and integrity in all actions, words and deeds.
  • Humility – We recognize our imperfections, but also the uniqueness of each one of us, created in the image and likeness of God. We will act out of the understanding that we know we are infinitely and unconditionally loved.
  • Courage – We will act boldly, by standing up for our beliefs, taking risks, and making mission-based decisions to create school spirit and community, aware of our place in and responsibility to our wider community and the world.
  • Authenticity – We will expect the best out of ourselves and everyone else in our community.
  • Learning – We learn and model life-skills such as collaboration, cooperation, and team-work.
  • Service - We are dedicated to serving each other, the Church,  and our broader community.
  • Community - We strive to build a supportive and inclusive school community and environment where everyone feels safe, valued, and welcome.