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How It Works
Designations and Rates

Declined Applications

The histories of the Parish and School are intimately connected. Over the years there have been many examples of a mutual sharing of support and resources in service to the ultimate goal of building up the Catholic community in this area. The tradition of a lower tuition for people who actively support a Diocese of Victoria Parish Community represents recognition by the School of the spiritual support given it by the Parish. From the Parish’s perspective, it is important to us that those who benefit from this policy are indeed actively helping us nurture and support a community of faith at the Parish.

A qualifying Catholic Parish is one that is affiliated with the Diocese of Victoria. It is important to recognize that Catholic individuals and families participate in parish life to varying degrees. Each case is, in many ways, unique, being a function of many personal and social factors. There are contexts, however, in which it is important to clarify a family’s degree of participation. The tradition of offering “active participants” in a Parish a reduced tuition at an Island Catholic School is one of those contexts.  

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How the Parish Supporter System Works

Each year, the Island Catholic Schools Central Office will send out a copy of the Parish Supporter System Application Form to all Catholic families currently receiving the Parish Supporter Discount.

Families fill in the form and take to the Parish for signature. The Parish will send the form to the ICS Central Office by February 10, 2014. A copy will be made by ICS office and returned to the families.

Each Parish will announce the process for accepting the forms.

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Designations and Rates

Fully Active Family

A family designated by the Pastor as a “Fully Active Family” receives the full amount of the parish supporter discount.

The following is a list of criteria by which to determine whether a family qualifies as Fully Active:

  • A qualifying Catholic Parish is one that is affiliated with the Diocese of Victoria. Contact the school office if you require additional information on qualifying parishes.
  • A Fully Active Family is known by the Pastor to be active and consistent participants in the life of the parish, and the family must be registered at the Parish. Ultimately, attending Mass weekly is key.
  • The family must, in some combination, be sharing with the Parish its Time, Talent, and/or Treasure.

Time: Time is a gift from God… The questions for us are: how will we use that gift and will we use it to build up our community? The most basic way is returning to God a portion of that gift by responding to the Catholic guideline that we make every effort to join our community in prayer at a weekend Mass. Sometimes shift work for single parents makes scheduled weekend Mass attendance impossible; in such an instance time could be set aside for a Family prayer time which unites the Family in spirit to the greater Faith Community. Time can also be shared by attending parish functions or helping in the many chores and simple tasks that make up Parish life.

Talent: There is a whole array of special tasks in a Parish that need people with a special interest in doing them. They can range from taking on a special role at Mass, to visiting a sick person, to serving in various leadership roles, or simply offering one’s expertise when there is a special project. An organizational chart of the Parish is available which depicts all these different areas and the people responsible for them.

Treasure: One of the guidelines given us by the Church is that we accept responsibility for the financial support of our local Parish. This can be done by using the parish donation envelope, pre-authorized debit, and contributing to the best of one’s ability. To what extent a family can do this will vary with individual circumstances.

Fully Active Families will be those who achieve a combination of some or all of these criteria. Active participants are those who help build up this Catholic community in whatever way is possible for them. 

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New Family

A family new to Island Catholic Schools coming from a parish outside of the Diocese of Victoria may receive the full supporter discount provided they register at a listed parish within the Diocese and can provide a letter from their previous parish explaining their support at that parish.

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Declined Applications

An application would be declined if the Pastor determined that the conditions proposed by the family in their application had not been honoured during the year. In such a case a re-application the following year would follow.

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Special Circumstances

  • In the case of clergy appointments where a new Pastor is assigned to a parish with little or no knowledge of the families in his care a year’s grace period may be considered.
  • In other special situations the Pastor again may opt at his discretion to grant an interim 50% deduction for the year, until a clear relationship is established.

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