Parking Lot Procedures

All cars entering the parking lot are to proceed down the entrance way and bear RIGHT (following the arrows), the flow of traffic moves LEFT when approaching the area facing Spectrum school. Parents then drop off their student(s) at the Drop-Off/Pick-Up Zone on the Right side by the sidewalk beside the orange cones, then proceed up and LEFT to exit the parking lot. Never park where there are orange cones along the Drop-Off/Pick-Up. Parents MUST turn RIGHT on Burnside Road -THERE IS NO LEFT TURN ONTO BURNSIDE ROAD. If parents are entering the parking lot by the entrance by the Rectory (brown house), they must proceed straight and then LEFT to the Drop-Off Lane.

The lane parallel to the Drop-Off Lane/Pick-Up Zone is a Through Lane Only - NO STOPPING in this lane.

The Through Lane is the lane to use if parents need to get to the Day Care or Pre-school at the back of the school. Parents picking up students at the rear of the school MUST follow the traffic flow, continuing through the Through Lane to the back of the school - DO NOT turn left upon entering the parking lot to attempt to access the rear of the school - that portion of the parking lot is a one-way exit route to Burnside Road.

Saferty of all children is a priority at St. Joseph's, and following the procedures of the parking lot ensure the safety of all chidren and parents as they use the parking lot. Parents that do not follow the parking lot procedures will be barred from entering that parking lot at all.


St. Joseph's School is the proud owner of a 32 passenger school bus.  Our bus is used only for transporting the students on field trips or for athletic events.  It is the parent/guardian responsibility for dropping off and for the pick-up of their child(ren) from school.