Principal's Welcome

One of the most important decisions impacting your child is the choice of where you will enroll your child for school. St. Joseph's is an excellent choice, and a little further exploration will make this clear. St. Joseph's Catholic School offers a full academic program, including French and Music, in a Catholic milieu that is rooted in the Gospel values Jesus taught and lived by. Small classes provide an intimate setting for the education of the whole child - spiritually, physically, intellectually, culturally  emotionally, - the SICE in catholic schools. This is a school where students love to learn and learn to love, where the foundations for life-long learning are deeply established, and where the tools for a purpose-driven life are provided through a religious education and faith formation program that focuses on Catholic Christian values and morality that set the parameters for an ethical life lived in the light of faith.

A safe, supportive, and encouraging environment is critical to young children to allow them the opportunity to take risks and stretch their horizon, expanding their experience, knowledge and skills, and St. Joseph's provides just such an environment.

I invite you to complete our application form, or contact us directly for more information and a tour of the school to confirm that St. Joseph's Catholic School is the right choice for your child. Thank you for considering St. Joseph's; I am sure you will not be disappointed!

Simon Di Castri