Students were asked to write what they liked about our school and what made it special.  Here is a sample of their testimonials.

I like the kindness and care everyone gives to each other, knowing that I won’t be laughed at because of what I am wearing, and the great teachers that help you all the time. – Charlie

It’s easy to find friends that you can keep for life. I have been at this school all my life and I have had some of my best memories and friends here. I love St. Joseph’s School and would recommend it to everyone I know! – Emma

I love how there’s no bullying! I love Irish Dance and the Rec. Program, and the Library and Computer Lab being together. I love caring for lots of kids by joining the Kid Helper Team. – Riana

I love standing for opening prayer every day! – Sarah

I love my teachers and all the extra curricular stuff! – Ayla

I love jazz and Irish dancing. I love how everyone is so nice and that I made such good friends. The teachers are so nice, too, and I love being a Kid Helper! - Sarah

The first day I came, everyone was really nice and welcoming. I have made many new friends here, and all the teachers are so nice and help you understand everything – I really like learning here because of all the great friends and teachers. – Nikhil

I like that we pray every day, and do lots of helping, charity, and food drives, because when we do that everybody feels like we can help a lot, like we can make a difference In the world. – Steven

The old wing where the grades 4-7's are, is probably my favourite part of St. Joseph’s because it reminds me of all the memories I’ve had since kindergarten.- Mar

The activities at St. Joseph’s are amazing, like Band, lots of different sports, the Rec. Program, the playground and field, and the basketball courts. These things are amazing because it lets you meet people so it feels like we are a big nice community. I like the teachers, students and volunteers because they help this school a lot. – Steven

I had so much fun every time there were school activities and programs that were offered to us such as Rec. Program, basketball, swimming competitions, Retreats, and so much more! I love the teachers and their teaching methods, the students, and especially that we are a Peace Quest School. – Shiela

I definitely like our Peace Quest School because everyone is friendly, we all seem to get along well, and the staff work hard at making our school welcoming. The new school gives more attention to students who need extra help in work or in regular everyday conflicts. – Kaitlyn

I really like the new school, and even though I’m excited about high school (next year), leaving here at the end of the year will be very sad for me! – Abigail

Well, the thing that I love the most is the new Library/Computer Lab. It’s just so cool, and the best part is that one half is the Library, and the other half is the Computer Lab! I mean, how cool is that? – Bryce

All in all, I love our new school. Everything from the staff and students to the programs like Buddies and Intramurals, to the building itself! I’m very happy that I attend St. Joseph’s and I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. – Rae